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International Confederation of Nerds

Welcome to the Paradox

The Doc
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[first glance:] Loyal, outgoing, friendly, creative, trustworthy, hyper, insane, perverted.

[introspective:] Negative, procrastinator, foul-mouth, worrisome, reserved, quick-temper, moody.


The life of 26 year old female who writes, draws, cooks, procrastinates, tries to maintain her own house, the dog and Graduated student in Graphic Design. This is my Journal...

The mind of a translator never ends.

I am also a Hentai and Yaoi fan, this journal is not for children!!


Feel Free to Disagree Born 1985 I love my Music

Paint Shop Pro So many Stamps Yami x Yugi

Yugi Fan! :D Yami x Yugi I support Achmed!

You are just too normal! Female NOT Feminine Don't rush me!

Yami Fan!
Atemu and Yugi fan!

Egypt is love

Wish you were here. ;D


+ Hagane no Renkinjutsishi [Fullmetal Alchemist] // + Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters! // + D.Gray Man // + Final Fantasy Series // + Rockman Series [Megaman] // + Card Captor Sakura // + Rayman Raving Rabbids // + Slayers Next, Try, Revolution // + Kamichama Karin - Chuu // + Zelda Series // + Vampire Knight // + Junjou Romantica // + Chii Sweet Home // + Shugo Chara // + Sonic the Hedgehog Series // + Ect.


+ Midna @ Zelda Rating

+ Winry Rockbell @ FMA Rating

+ Amy Rose @ Sonic Rating

+ I was stamp as the Egypt god Ma'at @ Egypt Stamping


• Cherry Flavor // • Sheezy Art "Miyao Miyao" // • FF.net "Nyago" // • Deviant Art "Miyao Miyao"

[Friends Only Journal - COMMENT TO BE ADDED!-]


• For all I love

+ Thanks to uscathena for my past Zelda theme! :D

+ Thanks to aijou_aibou for my past Yugioh theme!


+ Edward Elric virginity @ Virginity_claim

+ Shadow the Hedgehog @ I wanna Claim!

+ Silver the Hedgehog @ I wanna Claim!

+ Amy Rose @ I wanna Claim!

+ Ciel [Rockman] @ I wanna Claim!

+ Axl [Rockman] @ I wanna Claim!

+ Karin [Kamichama Karin] @ I wanna Claim!

+ Allen Walker [anime/manga] @ I wanna Claim!

+ Allen Innocence @ I wanna Claim!

+ Support of EdWin [Edward x Winry] @ I wanna Claim!

+ Puzzleshipping [Yami x Yugi] @ I wanna Claim

+ Yugi Mutou [Anime/Manga] @ I wanna Claim!

+ Atemu [Egyptian self] @ I wanna Claim!

+ Yami Yugi @ I wanna Claim!

+ Millennium Puzzle [Item] @ I wanna Claim!

+ Link [Zelda series] @ I wanna Claim!